Discover How To Use video Marketing In Your Business To Attract More Prospects And Sales

Discover How To Use video Marketing In Your Business To Attract More Prospects And Sales


Online video has been used effectively for a while as a marketing and promotional tool by businesses both large and small, no matter what niche or industry they are in.

Sites such as YouTube, Vine and Instagram are readily available and simple to use which makes it easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs to reach potential customers quickly and affordably.

Whatever your market is, video gives you lots more opportunities to expand your brand by gaining it visibility and establishing credibility within your niche. Establishing a good video marketing strategy should be one of your goals if you want to target a wider, global audience.


To give you a clearer picture of video marketing and why it’s such a powerful promotion strategy for your business, let’s break down it’s main features:

  • It is cheap and easy to get started. Online videos require very little investment to create. Essentially what you need are a web-cam (or your smartphone) and a YouTube account and you are ready to go.
  • Online video allows you to convey strong, compelling messages, establishes credibility and enhances your trustworthiness. People are much more likely to trust you and relate to you when they can see you and hear your voice. It establishes trust and loyalty.
  • Like social media, online video allows you to make a stronger personal connection to your clients and prospects, making sure you build a personal connection even before you meet them face-to-face.
  • It’s very good for your search engine rankings. According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, a stronger presence on YouTube can get you higher rankings because video has up to 50 times better chances than plain text to get to the top of search rankings.


All this makes online video the best solution for when you want to increase awareness for both you and your product, as well as accelerate the sales process.

So now that you can see the benefits of video marketing, you might be wondering how video can be used on your business. Let’s quickly go over main business uses for video:


  1. Website: The home page of your website needs a welcome video. This is where you explain the who, what and why statements, making sure the visitor gets all the relevant information regarding your business and how it can help them.
  2. The sales page: In addition to crafting effective plain text on your sales page, you also need video if you want to get more conversions of visitors into buyers.
  3. Blog: Just as you use your blog to provide product reviews, expert tips

and so on, you can turn the blog into a Vlog (or video blog) and create video that offers useful information such as explaining products and services, sharing tips, etc.

  1. Product demonstration: Just about all businesses use video when introducing a new product to the market as a way to introduce the consumer to the product and demonstrate its usefulness and features.
  2. Video e-mail: You can turn your messages into a video postcard by including video (or a link to a video) in the e-mails, and in the process engages your subscribers.
  3. Client testimonials: These can be very effective in business. Ask your clients and/ or colleagues to create video testimonials for you.
  4. Tutorials: These are important for when consumers need step by step instructions on how to use specific products and services. They have a high conversion ratio.
  5. Video coaching: Lots of large companies use video to enhance service delivery and the trick is to make the sessions more interactive, personal and dynamic. Keep the viewer interested in what you’re saying.



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