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If you’re looking to learn more information about why social marketing should be a big priority when it comes to marketing your blog, then read on. This article will discuss why social bookmarking directories are beginning to replace search engines, how social bookmarking can be one of the easiest promotional methods around, and how Web 2.0 marketing will help retain repeat visitors.
It’s not all about Google any more. It’s true. A large proportion of Internet users are now relying upon using places like Technorati or to search for results on the Internet. This may be because the results and content of these types of community are built by real people and their opinions, rather than search engine “spiders” and software.
Web pages in the search results are placed in order or for user popularity, and how many votes it has received, so can be more trustworthy. If your blog or website is featured as popular in these types of search results, the traffic can be very targeted. And here’s the thing. Social marketing can be relatively easy! It is no way as difficult as mastering SEO, or submitting hundreds of articles to directories each month. Sometimes a simple social bookmark submission can be all it takes for your web property to go “viral” – and once this happens, things can snowball from there.
Have you ever noticed the phenomenon of the ever growing crowd? It starts off with three or four people huddled around something that seems interesting – and more and more people come over to have a look at what is going on. Soon enough there are hundreds of people trying to look at what all the fuss is about. Imagine if this happens in regards to your website. Happy times…
Another good benefit of social marketing is to maintain a good relationship with your visitors. Believe it or not, people like people. If they believe there is a real live human being behind the HTML, they are much more likely to warm to you. In this respect, social marketing is in essence described exactly by its title – “social”. Use it to retain your visitors, converse with them and get their feedback – ensuring they return once more.
So there we have it. Three good reasons why you should be implementing social bookmarking today. First, because Internet users turning to the social sites to search for their favorite things, instead of search engines like Google or Yahoo. Second, because of the ease of using social marketing as a viable alternative to traditional techniques, and third – to develop and maintain relationships with your visitors.


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