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Twitter had 7,038,000 members in Feb 2009 and has been growing by the thousands every single day. It’s difficult to try and understand why everyone wants to be so nosey and follow each other.

But actually we humans are just that…nosey and we like to see what others are doing. Ever wondered what your favourite celebrity or role model gets upto? Well Twitter is a way you find out. Well almost, as it is a way for people to tell the world what they are doing right now in 140 characters or less.

Twitter was launched in April 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stones. It seems to be an extension of Facebook and Myspace’s status updates section.

It’s easy to mistake Twitter as just a fad or something that will die in a few years time. Either way, millions of people like and use Twitter everyday. Are we a nosey nation? Maybe? Some tweets are really interesting others can be boring. I mean who really wants to know what you have had for dinner, lunch. However, Twitter can be a really useful way to share information/posts or articles to the community.

So how are people using Twitter?Many friends are just using it as a way to stay in touch with each other. Journalists may use it to scan potential stories or headlines. Others ,are using it to literally keep close to those they would like to know more about. Ie celebrities, competitors, people they fancy, people they hate but would like to know more about, ex’s, work colleagues etc etc etc.

Know matter how you look at it, Twitter is another form of communication. So therefore another useful tool for marketing and getting your message out to many different people around the world.

This is why many marketeers have utilized this social media as a way to contact people they would otherwise, not be in contact with. By a click of a mouse, you can follow many people who may or may not follow you back. The idea is to have as many followers as possible, because the more people who follow you will mean the more people you can access via email or via the homepage updates.

Follow as many people as possible, then more people may follow you. There are many ways to increase your followers ie such as applications etc that help you in this process. A free useful application is Twollow which follows people automatically from information found ( pre selected by you) in their tweets.

Twitter is a fun way to communicate and follow who ever you find of interest, regardless of the purpose. It should be something you are already doing if you are in a home business or network marketing. Don’t be left out in the cold.

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