Top 4 Internet Marketing Strategies

Successful Internet marketers do many of the same things to achieve the level of success they have attained. Here are four of the top Internet marketing strategies you should use to build your own online success like they already have!
1. Build an email marketing list and work with it. Get to know your subscribers as more than just a name and email address.
Having a large list of subscribers will be no good if you dont cultivate it. However not building an email marketing list at all is even worse.
A responsive email marketing list will allow you to do almost anything you want on the Internet. For this reason we rank it at the top of our strategies for having internet marketing success.
2. Combine free and paid advertising methods. Many Internet marketers make the mistake of relying completely on one or the other.
For example concentrating on free advertising methods will slow the progression of your business down. Although you can create great long term backlinks from free advertising you do not get enough immediate traffic to see success early. For this reason many people give up and never work their online business long enough to be successful.
Relying 100% on paid advertising is not the best strategy either. Certainly its great to get immediate traffic and begin to see results from your advertising methods.
However if 100% of the advertising you do is paid you can never stop doing it. The minute you stop your ads then the traffic stops. This is just not a good way to build a long term business marketing strategy.
3. Incorporate blogging into your business. If you are starting your business from scratch consider setting up a blog and using it as your primary website.
If you currently have a website, and are not blogging, you need to link your blog to your homepage and begin adding articles to it. Search engines love blogs and will rank your articles high as they get to know you.
Be consistent in the blogging you do. You do no need to over do it, but adding a couple of articles a week is adequate to increase traffic and search engine bait.
4. Do not ignore social marketing and the importance of it. There are too many people using Facebook and Twitter, learn how to utilize them as an Internet marketing strategy.
Google owns YouTube so you know how important they feel video is. The same thing is true for other forms of social marketing including discussion forums, social bookmarking a blog article, email marketing, and so on.
Work these top four Internet marketing strategies into your business and your success will increase. If you ignore them you will not achieve the complete success you deserve.
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