Promoting You Too!

Promoting You Too

What is separating you from your constituents who are promoting the exact same company you are?  When you have approached a potential recruit who has seen your presentation over and over and over again, what can you offer that will make them want to join the program after talking with you?
I have been involved with various internet marketing companies over the years and those of you who have as well, know that many companies do not mind setting you up with a replicated website and the necessary tools you need for marketing the company and its products or services.  Many people who join these opportunities are very eager to start promoting their websites and spread the good news about what they are involved with now to get sales and customers.  Some people are so focused on spreading the site and information that they don’t consider that for the most part, their branding efforts are not helping their “personal” brand at all, but rather are giving the company and or product/service they are promoting all of the credit.  Keep in mind, I understand that as affiliates and “co” business owners or partners, the most important thing that should come out of our efforts are gathering new customers, developing business relationships, and making money, however, we should not loose focus on making sure our personal brand is highlighted while marketing for the companies we have chosen to represent.
Most of the companies that we join, offer everything that we need to promote as I said earlier, including the website.  Many times, especially as beginners, we do everything within our power to drive traffic to our sites through various means.  Word of mouth, social media, you name it.  We are telling everyone about our new venture and giving them the opportunity to view all of the things we have to offer.  We fail to realize in our marketing efforts, that even though there are often references to our name or affiliate information within the site, all of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts that we put into marketing are benefiting the company we are promoting.

Promoting You Too

Keep in mind, that the company that you are promoting gets all of the credit in the major search engines because of the traffic that is being driven by all of the affiliates, reps, or agents!  Imagine not having to do a single thing to drive your Google rankings through the roof but have other people with replicating sites of the same domain spread the word about your site.  Well, that’s exactly how effortlessly many companies are able to shoot to the top of the search engines because of the promotions occurring by those that are promoting the business.  Again, that is the aim of your promotions, to make people aware of your products and services being offered.
May I suggest in addition to the company generated website, that you invest in branding yourself in conjunction with the business.  Start a blog that is related to the product or service that you are promoting under your own domain that can be used as a branding tool.  You can embed links about your main business through the blog, but be able to have recognition as well in the search engines by using content that will draw traffic to your site.  You can find subtle ways of getting your main business links out for other to view while building a brand of your own!  Make sure however, that you check with all the guidelines that your company has mandated.  Some companies have strict advertising rules, and you don’t want to violate any terms of service that you are under.  Once you have done that, and have the clearance, I say make every effort to promote yourself while promoting the business as well.  When you have a separate site that you are able to manage, you also have the freedom to monetize the site with products of your choosing.  You can use various companies that allow you to place affiliate links and products on your site that can be an additional source of income in conjunction with your regular business.

Promoting You Too

When you have the control of your own site, you have more of an opportunity to stand out and be seen.  Why not promote the companies website on your on website and get noticed in the search engines as well?  Don’t be afraid to promote and brand yourself while branding the company.  You both can benefit from the exposure.

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