10 Free and Surefire Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

If you’ve been around the online market for so long and yet you still don’t have a well-known brand name or satisfactory website traffic, then there must be something wrong with the strategy you used. Remember, the online strategy you use is the core of your promotional campaign and its ineffectiveness can lead to business failure. Forget your old strategy and use the following steps to drive traffic to your website:
What You Can do to Increase Your Website Traffic

  1. Equip your website with menus complete with links to your homepage. A menu must direct users to your website’s homepage so visitors can easily access your homepage regardless of what page they’re currently browsing. You can place such a menu on the top, down or left part of your page.
  2. Provide useful and superior-quality content for your website. Superior-quality web content means that your articles provide unique, valuable and optimized information for your readers. Your articles should contain important keywords however, using your keywords excessively will never produce good results for you. Just be unique the content you offer or to the way you offer it.
  3. Give great attention to your keywords if you do care about your organic traffic. As experts will tell you, keywords serve as your main SEO tool. Analyze your chosen niche and create various keywords that you think will make your site appear on the top results of search engines. Then, find out which among these keywords are the best to use as titles to your articles and also spread inside the article.
  4. Provide a simple and user-friendly ambience throughout your website. Websites with flashy contents …singing backgrounds, moving banners and too much color around, are not such a good idea. For one, a visitor might end up losing interest on your content and products because there are so many intimidating ads cluttered throughout your website. The secret to having frequent visitors? Keep your website simple yet useful to your target market.
  5. Arrange your ads and maintain a clean page background. Again, a simple background attracts more people than those websites presenting outrageous layouts. Make your background as clean as possible and place your ads neatly around your website.
  6. Remove vertical scrolling in your page. The obvious reason is; it’s really annoying to scroll from left to right. If you have this kind of feature in your website, remove it immediately and watch people become at home with your website.
  7. Instead of putting all your content on a single page, just post your content on different pages and link them. This is what big news sites do too.
  8. Examine your meta tags and links. Incorrectly placed meta tags and links often cause confusion and disinterest to visitors. PLUS your site may not be indexed correctly by search engines, thus always check your links and tags to make sure that everything is in place.
  9. Trade links with other relevant websites. Trading links with other websites is a good strategy especially if you’re exchanging with a reputable site.
  10. Make your content readable and attractive. A readable and useful content always defeats any kind of promotional campaign. This is because readers look for something interesting to read, and not for advertisements or campaigns.

Lastly, it’s taken as granted that you have already a list building page in place for adding new potential customers to your lists.

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