Increasing Self Awareness To Goals And Objectives – Part 2

As you become more self aware, or are already self aware enough, you can take advantage of that in setting your own personal goals and objectives. The self aware have a strong communication with their subconscious, which gives them an invaluable tool in setting and achieving goals and objectives.
Presenting an objective to your subconscious as a faith accomplishment will pave the way to that objective being met. Do so often enough, and from as many angles as possible, will just about ensure that it will happen, so long as it is something achievable.
In practice, though, how do you use self awareness in your objective setting? If you have personal goals, how can self awareness become an aid in their achievement?
One way to do this is to allow your periods of reflection, meditation, peace and quiet to embrace your objectives. During those times when you are in communication with your inner self, allow your personal objectives to be a subject of conversation with your subconscious. It will be a one way conversation; your subconscious will only listen. But through repetition and emphasis, you will gradually convince your subconscious mind that what is your objective is actually a given; your subconscious will then set things in motion to ensure that it happens.
That all sounds very simple, and it is. If you use your self awareness fully, then a range of changes may take place in order to help you reach your objective. You may become harder working, more determined and receptive to change, if those are essentials to achieving your objective. Most goals are not straight line, and involve more than one facet of ability, skill and knowledge. Your subconscious will be aware of that, even if you are not conscious of it.
Here are a few tips on when and how to utilize your self awareness program, as discussed in Parts 1 and 2, to assist with achieving your personal goals:
1. In Meditation Sessions
While the purpose of meditation is to clear your mind of conscious thought, once you know how to achieve a meditative state you can use it to communicate positively with your subconscious. By repeating your objectives in your mind while you are in a contemplative state, you will gradually stamp them on your subconscious. Each repetition will imprint the objective deeper, making you more likely to succeed. By repeating this process daily, or even more than once a day, you will wear your subconscious down, and awaken it from its slumbers. Once awoken, it is very powerful, far more powerful than you may imagine.
You can take this a step further by breaking the objective down into necessary elements. For example, if you need to learn two new skills to achieve your objective, communicate those too, with the same repetition as the objective itself.
2. While Travelling
This is the same as 1. only done in snatched moments on a train or bus, or even in a car while someone else is driving. In fact, you do not have to be travelling. Any odd moment, such as the children going out in the garden and leaving you in peace, can be utilize in this way. Once you are self aware, you can switch on your meditative state much as you want. It is worth it, as you will feel in control of your life, and as soon as you feel that, you will want to develop your meditation skills.
3. Before Sleep
I have found that just before sleep is a very powerful time to communicate with your subconscious. If you have a work problem, for example, there is a good chance your subconscious mind will find the best resolution if you communicate the problem in a concentrated way just before falling asleep. When I used to manage complex projects, and had a problem of any sort, I never worried about them, knowing that when I woke in the morning the solution would be there, ready for me, dutifully presented on my desk by own subconscious mind.
The same can be true of personal objectives. Repeat them in your mind, to your inner self, before you allow yourself to fall asleep at night. If possible, visualize the results of achieving your objectives, as if they are already a reality. Do so every night, and you are surely paving the way for their achievement.
The above are just a few ideas which I have found personally to be effective in reaching your goals by increasing self awareness. Experiment with those and others you may come across, and find what works best for you. Everyone is individual; even more so after becoming practiced in self awareness.

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