Writing Internet Marketing Articles

Writers of internet marketing articles have three objectives.

To get themselves recognized as experts in their field
To get people to visit their web sites/blogs
To get back links to their web sites/blogs

To achieve these goals they need to get their articles:

Published by the article directories
Republished by eZine editors
Read by interested readers

Thus the articles must appeal to all parties, if they are to have their desired effects. This article will cover 6 hints to getting your internet marketing articles accepted, published and read.

Grab The Readers Attention
The sole purpose of your headline is to grab the readers attention and get them to read the first paragraph of your text . This is the most important single element of your article. If you don’t get the readers attention, you can’t tell or sell them anything else. You want to appeal to their emotions. Whenever possible, use the keywords you want your article to rank for. Use strong statements, ask questions, challenge their preconceived notions.

Once You Got Them Don’t Let Them Go
If the object of your headline is to get them to read the first paragraph, the object of the first paragraph is to get them to read the next one and so on. Create a flow within your article. Tell anecdotes, use good examples, and colorful descriptions. Try to create word pictures using the words “like” or “as.” Make your article flow as if it were a child’s sled streaking down a snowy hill. In general, it’s best to focus on action verbs rather than descriptive adjectives. Verbs are powerful. In the sentence above “streaking” was more powerful than “snowy”, although snowy belonged to make the sentence make sense.

Use Short Paragraphs
Forget what you learned in school. Today for internet marketing purposes, you need to use very short paragraphs. The objective is to streamline the appearance of the page. To make it easy and quick to read. Short paragraphs appear to be easy to read, and will avoid scaring some readers away. Paragraphs can be a single sentence, even a single word. Got it?

Make Use of Bullet Points and/or Numbers
Bullet Points and/or numbers makes each point stand out. While they tend to equalize the value of the points itemized, it establishes the range of points to be considered. If weighting is important, put the more important items to the top of the list. One advantage to numbers over bullets is that they psychologically compel the reader to continue down the list to the end. It’s always a good idea to indent the numbers or bullets. This adds texture and white space to the layout of your article.

Use Subheadings to Break Up and Define Your Page
Subheadings break up your page into chunks. The heading tells the reader what each section is about. Particularly online, many readers will skim an article. The subheadings serve to identify the content for these skimmers. They may stop and read those sections that matter to them and speed past the rest. Many professional copy writers ensure that their main message is fully conveyed in the subheadings. That way if a reader read nothing else they would still get the major points of the article.

Authoritative Numbers
Facts and figures add authority to an article. But make sure you don’t over do it and destroy its readability.
A precise number like 17,234 is more authoritative than writing “over 17,000.” This is particularly true in headlines and subheadings. Use facts and figures but keep the overall tone of your article light and airy unless you are specifically aiming at a professional audience.

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