Redirect Your Internet Marketing Strategy

If your internet marketing strategy consists primarily of banner ads or CPC advertisements, you’re missing out on a huge piece of the pie. Successful internet marketing diversifies the basket – capitalizing on the most cost-efficient mediums of target market acquisition. In fact, if all your eggs are tied up in PPC, it’s time to redirect your marketing strategy. Some of the most underestimated internet marketing channels surprisingly yield the best return on investment. So although Google would love to have your continued devotion to AdWords, consider these great internet marketing channels:

Organic Search

Hands down, ranking organically in search results kicks paid search in the royal derriere. Organic ranking should be at the top of your company’s internet marketing initiatives for three important reasons: 1) Organic ranking is free 2) Visitors trust organic more so than paid search, and 3) Organic ranking means visible longevity. With a few search engine optimization tweaks to your site, you can easily rank naturally for the same keywords you’re putting into your Google AdWords campaign.


Increasingly, corporate blogs are becoming an integral part of internet marketing.

73% of online users read a blog, and 36% think more positively about companies that have blogs (Source: Universal McCann Wave 3 Research Into Social Media)

More importantly however, blogs are great from a search engine standpoint. Engines prefer dynamic web pages that constantly turn out fresh and relevant content on a regular basis. Having a company blog preserves your presence in search results and circumvents stagnation, reducing the risk of your site being buried at the bottom of the search engine results page.


An essential part of successful internet marketing means giving people a way to connect and stay connected to your company. Remember that consumers are overwhelmed by an infinite amount of distractions on the web. Every day your company competes for the attention of your consumers. Having a corporate newsletter is a powerful way to remind your consumer base that you still exist – moreover allowing you to connect and stay connected. Companies that do not maintain consistent communication forfeit the opportunity to draw consumers back, and risk falling wayside among the infinite threats of distractions.

Social Media

Developing your presence on Social Media sites takes time, but when utilized effectively can be one of the most powerful new channels of internet marketing. The fact is, consumers desire to feel as though they are a part of a bigger picture. When companies couple their brand with social media and consumer aggregation, the power of collective influence comes into play. Social media builds community around your company, allowing consumers to engage and connect with your brand and with each other. The collective network effect has the capacity to encourage consumer advocacy, commitment and devotion to your brand. The power of social media can be quite phenomenal, which is why so many companies are throwing social media into their internet marketing mix.

A healthy internet marketing strategy incorporates more than banner advertisements and pay per click. Harnessing the power of these alternative marketing channels will not only increase your online exposure, but strengthen your credibility.

April Jasmine is an SEO Campaign Manager for USO Networks, an internet marketing and search engine optimization company that takes basic SEO to the next level by leveraging both automated and manual strategies to boost website visibility and overall position in search engines.

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