The Focus Factor in Internet Marketing

When I was a teenager I remember a large plaque my father had hanging in his classroom. It simply had one word in big black letters. That single word was “THINK”.

He wanted his students to think about what they were doing while in his classroom. To focus on what they were there for during that time period.

Applying this to internet marketing, I like to call it the FOCUS FACTOR. One of the major stumbling blocks that internet marketers face is lack of productivity because they do not stay focused on what they intend to accomplish.

Just think how many times you have been in following scenario. You have plans to do a priority task.

So here goes, you sit down at your computer, boot it up and instead of focusing on your main priority, you take just a moment to check your emails, after all it will only take a moment.

Well what do you know! Here’s one for a very important limited offer. You better check it out, right? After all it could make you rich, right?

Well after you check it out, it wasn’t that great after all. But wait, here’s another one! Maybe, just maybe, this is the one I’ve been searching for, waiting for.

The next thing you know you’ve shot a nice little hole in your plans for the day. But you say that’s OK, after all that’s why I wanted to work at home, be the boss and do what I want when I want to. Not gonna happen my friend.

Do you see how the focus factor plays into your internet business? Focus, focus, focus! Your time is valuable, you can not afford to waist it.

Do this to help keep you on track.

Make a sign in big black letters that simply reads, FOCUS. Put it on top of your monitor, on your wall, any place that it is easily seen at all times.

Remember to accomplish your plan, to reach your goal, to increase your income, you must FOCUS!

Every time something pulls your attention away from your current task, just glance at that sign. Regain your focus and continue working on your goal.

Internet marketing is not a hard business. But so many that try become discouraged and quit.

Don’t give up! Keep moving forward, use what time you have wisely.

Focus, focus, and focus some more.

Alton L. Cox (Al Cox) is an internet marketer and mentor with over 30 years marketing experience in the brick and mortar world. You are invited to visit

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