Internet Marketing is Creative?

Do Internet marketing and fine art have a lot in common? Many people have remarked that they think it is unusual for an artist to also have business skills. In my world, the two are inseparable, and this article reveals a bit of how I use creativity to excel at both.

I’m a full-time internet marketer, and a painter, too. People talk to me about the paintings quite a bit. They will say “Oh, you’re so blessed to have such talent,” and “It must be wonderful to be able to paint.”

I’ll tell you, it is wonderful to have the time to paint. And I’m grateful to Internet marketing for that. Now I don’t have to worry if I’m selling my paintings to make a living. The money is flowing with or without it, and I can afford to have the time to paint. That’s really the magic of it all.

In terms of being talented, I have only a tiny bit of talent, but I work very hard at it!

Most of the full-time artists who I know will say that it’s not really a lot of fun painting, but that it is a lot of work. And I have to agree with that. To create my paintings requires work. It entails a lot of complex strategy to make the paintings come out the way I want them to.

But something happens during the act of creation. And this is something which internet marketers could take a lesson from. There is a point where the craft of painting is left behind and the mind goes on “autopilot.” That is where creativity comes in. That is where the art really flows. A lot of surprising things happen on the canvas because while I’m working on it, I work long enough so that the task “passes behind me” (that’s as good as I can describe it) and a higher consciousness takes over and everything becomes automatic as the colors are laid down on the canvas. Little surprising things happen, which if I were consciously trying to craft the painting that way, it would not have happened exactly that way.

That experience is something that even Internet marketers have experienced, and some will admit to it. If they have allowed themselves to learn the craft of marketing online, and worked at it hard, so they know what needs to be done, then all of a sudden they will find themselves in the position of having the creative answers pop into their minds, and they can take their entire online marketing efforts to a new level.

I am an Internet marketing trainer lately too, and I am mentioning this all because I want you to know that the magic isn’t just in knowing how to write the perfect ad. Here is a lot more to it, but it is not all that difficult once you learn it – once you apply yourself and learn the craft of online marketing.

So if you are unwilling to go back and learn the craft of Internet marketing, and to master it – If you are looking for the big red button to push to get profits, well, good luck! I don’t know of any magic formulas out there! But if you learn how to market online, it almost is as easy as pushing the red button and saying “Give me the profits!”

Once you have a proper background and overview of things, then profits will flow. That’s the point of this article. You do have to work a bit hard to master your craft and get the details nailed down, but after that things will start to flow for you.

Bruce Wood is an artist and entrepreneur. Visit his blog at http://www.BruceWood.Net/wordpress

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