Internet Marketing – Massive Action

Internet Marketing has been touted as the best thing since sliced bread and many of us come into it with some preconceived notions that this is easy money. It can be once you get it up and running. I was of the mind that all I needed to do was throw some money at it and it would do it on its own with little help from me. As you will discover this is not the case.

I discovered almost too late that my advertising budget was directly linked to the amount of effort I put in. I thought that if I used my meager budget to advertise that traffic would pour in to my site generating leads and life would be good. You see I thought that I could spend a few hundred dollars and I would not have to put forth any effort on my part other than entering my credit card number. I was wrong. The less money you have the more effort you have to put in to generate traffic, whether it is writing articles, press releases or blogging. When you cannot pay others to do the job then someone has to and that someone was me.

I went from spending an hour a day on my internet marketing to spending up to eight to ten hours. Although I had to put forth more effort I did discover that my number of leads began to increase. I had initially made a grave error in my thinking. I thought that internet marketing required very little time and energy especially in the beginning stages. An online business is not unlike a traditional startup business, they both require massive amounts of time and energy during the startup phase. The difference is that my online business if done from the comfort of my own home. I found myself writing as many as ten article a week, blogging and tweeting several times a week and I would even do a video too. These are things I never though I would ever do, but here I am enjoying every minute.

One of the most important things I have learned is that you have to be consistent. In my opinion this is as important as knowing how to do internet marketing. If you consistently do something, eventually you will get better and better at it until it becomes second nature and more effective. In the beginning I dabbled in a little bit of everything but I did not do it all the time. It is only when I became consistent that I found my internet business start to grow. I make a schedule of everything I need to do for my internet marketing business for the week an check things off as I go. This helps keep me on track and consistent in my efforts.

To summarize, the lower your budget the more time an energy you will need to devote to your internet marketing. An online business is just that, a business, and you need to treat it as such. It doesn’t matter how much time or energy you spend on your home business if you are not consistent. Shampoo makers got it right when they put on the bottle, “Wash, Rinse, Repeat”.

Thomas Beck is a former Marine Captain and has served as a Commandant of Cadets of a prestigious military school in Virginia. He has experience in several traditional store front business where he found himself working long hours with very little compensation. Thomas is now an experienced internet marketer whose sole desire is to help others achieve their dreams of financial and personal freedom.

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