The Beginner's Internet Marketing Journey

The internet marketer’s journey is often a lonely one. With so many different online business opportunities and business models to choose from, finding your way – you’re true calling – can take years. Everybody’s trying to sell you the next latest and greatest product or service that’s “guaranteed” to end your struggle and start making you money online. 
At first, a sparkle is in the beginner’s eye. He is easily led astray by promises of a better life and riches. Time soon passes and the beginner continues to purchase more products and more courses in hopes to one day finding that rare gem that makes him rich.
After a while, the beginner soon discovers the cold hard reality – the products are not making him rich.  He gets frustrated and blames his failures on the products themselves. But, when the beginner looks back and honestly asks himself how much of that information he’s put into action, the truth about the beginner’s failure soon emerges.
Taking action is much easier said than done. Many beginners read all the courses and “know” how to make money online but few actually put the ebook down long enough to start making it happen. Many beginner internet marketers fall into a hypnotic state. They become programmed to being an internet marketing junkie instead of trying to make money. They rarely step out of their comfort zone long enough to make something happen. What’s worse, they start accepting their fate and begin standing in line with the masses of mediocrity.
Days pass. Soon weeks turn into months and months into years. One day, the beginner reflects on all the time he has spent “learning” internet marketing and yet still has nothing to show for it. If only the beginner would have taken action, his life could have turned out so differently.
You don’t want this to be you. Step out of your comfort zone and take action. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by the glitz and glamour or new products floating around online. There’s always going to be something new.  Pick something that you have a strong interest in and learn everything about it. Don’t follow in the footsteps of so many failed marketers that have lost all hope. 
Most importantly, don’t let distraction or excuses rule your life or you won’t have much of a life at all.

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