How to Succeed at Internet Marketing

There’s no question that internet marketing can be challenging. With that said once you know what is working you can quickly turn the tables around to your advantage.

The key to success is measuring your actions. You need to know what you’re doing and what results your yielding from your marketing efforts. The best way to do this is to track each task you do.

You need to set goals. In other words if you say to yourself I’m going to write 20 articles. You need to track those articles to understand what results they’re bringing in.

You also need to know where those articles are generating the most traffic for you. The next step involves the landing page those articles are leading back to.

Once traffic starts coming back to your web page you need to know how many of those visitors are either clicking on your affiliate links or going to your shopping cart.

This will give you an idea of how well your landing page is performing. In effect it is also wise to test different landing pages. The goal here is to find out which landing page is performing the best.

The reason for all this testing is to find out how to generate conversions. To me traffic is not that difficult, the most difficult part is converting visitors to customers.

Once you get this right you will now have an exact number relative to ROI. ROI which is short for return on investment includes the time you spend on your traffic generation methods and the money spent generating that traffic. Due to this you will now know how much you can spend on traffic in order to make a profit.

Once you have these metrics you can ramp up your traffic so as to get to your desired income.

In conclusion, remember you do not have a business until you do business. And you need to know the numbers so that you can make a profit and get your business income where you want to get it.

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