Internet Marketing Analysis

If you have a business of some type to improve your customer’s reputation or compete with competitors you require a strong tool or weapon to have proactive manipulations to the business.


It is nothing but Internet marketing.


If you have a website newly created or renovation of existing website you require to be make a note to all the customers and end users that you started a new service, new strategy or new improvements.


It’s a very time taking and it will take lot of efforts in process to intimate to the know people.


Situation analysis à Objectives à Strategies à Tactics à Actions à Control


Before starting with internet marketing analyze the situation and make it innovative than others and plan according to the situation and always compete with the competitors and knowing about their concepts and analysis about the present market. Always keep an eye on client requirements to improve the process of clients business with the business what you already in.


Situation analysis


1. Where are we now
2. Customer insight
3. Brand perception
4. Internal capabilities


After analyzing the situation you will have to set an objective.


Objective means what you have to do by this situation what we will get by going with this situation and how we will improve the objective by analyzing the situation.

Objective contains 4S model

Serve (Customer Satisfaction and targets ) à Sizzle(site stickiness and visit duration) à Speak (speak to no. of existing customers) à Save (Qualified efficiency gains)

After analyzing the objective set the strategies of phases,

In internet marketing à we have some set of predefined phases they are

Re define and Refine plan à Action àEvaluate

In each phase of you strategies you have to take care of all the above three steps weather you are in right track with your business.

Tactics : Knowing the tactics plays key role in internet marketing one should have keen observation of competitors and knowing them in advance and keep a good innovative tactics on them.

Tactics include

1. responsibilities and structures
2. Internal resources and skills
3. External agencies

Action : Act according to the people who are following you business and whom you are followed.

Action includes

1. E-marketing mix
2. Social networking
3. E- campaign

Control – keep a over all control on the business of what you are doing with proper prospective and objective.

Control includes

1. Targeting , segmentation, positioning , integration , Tools ( web functionality email, newletters etc)



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