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More and more people today are turning to the Internet for their shopping needs. They are also turning to the Internet for invaluable information, whether it’s how-to’s about one thing or another or something pertaining to history, repairing DVD players or anything else under the sun. When people find information that is useful and valuable to them, they tend to bookmark that site or subscribe for email newsletters and updates.
Email marketing is about keeping in touch with your clients, or potential clients, so that they think of you first when they need something again in the future. InfusionSoft is an email marketing tool that gives many benefits including tracking features that will help you target your potential clients to the highest effect possible.
Okay, so it goes without saying that in today’s hustle and bustle world, it can be a little too easy to forget one thing or another. In most instances, this isn’t a major problem. You wouldn’t lose sleep because you forgot to put the laundry in the dryer or that you didn’t take the garbage out. Except in email marketing, a forgotten follow-up can mean lost customers and lost customers means lost revenue.
InfusionSoft has a great feature that you can set up automatic follow-ups with your subscriber list. So, even if you let it slip your mind for a week, InfusionSoft has got you covered and your list will receive all of the follow up that you want and need.
Fully integrated tracking features means that you can learn when someone opens an email from you, when they click on a link, and when they actually take action, such as purchase a product or service from you. Why is this important? Basically, the more analytics you have at your disposal, the more targeted you can be with your emails. And you can store all of this information in one single, centralized database, which is incredibly beneficial.
InfusionSoft doesn’t measure up quite as well as some other major autoresponder and email marketing sites in the areas of deliverability or CRTs (Click Through Rates), but the differences are actually relatively negligible. Their ability to allow you to track and monitor what people are doing with the emails you’re sending is a major advantage over this limitation, however.
What bothers us most about InfusionSoft is that it can’t handle bounces as well as some other companies. In other words, when you have a dead or undeliverable contact, you don’t want to continue paying for that address in future promotions. When your list is relatively small, in the realm of a few hundred or a few thousand, this might not be a major issue, but when your list grows, it could become costly.
Overall Summary
InfusionSoft, overall, is still impressive. The best feature is hands-down the ability to track what people are doing once they receive your email. There’s practically nothing better than being able to fine tune and hone a campaign based on real, workable information coming directly from your potential customers. Imagine being able to analyse where most of the link clicks are coming from. They could be at the very beginning of the email because of a phrase or tagline that stands out. It could be in the centre where information was at its strongest.
InfusionSoft can improve on its deliverability to certain email addresses and process bounces better, but for what you get with this company, it’s certainly worth its weight in gold.


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