About Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing Basics

About Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing Basics

If you have a website, or if you’re considering starting a website business, affiliate marketing is a concept you might benefit from understanding and using.
Affiliate marketing allows you, as a website owner and business, to affiliate your internet business with other internet businesses and get paid for it. Affiliate marketing works this way: when a visitor to your website clicks on an affiliate ad on your site, and then purchases something from that affiliate business, the affiliate program pays your business a portion of the purchase that was made.
Affiliate business opportunities abound; affiliate programs vary widely. Some are free to participate in, some are not. Some affiliate programs require just an up-front fee; others charge a recurring fee (monthly, quarterly, annual).
Affiliate business opportunities also differ widely in the amount your business would receive from a purchase made by your site visitor. Some affiliates pay a percentage of the purchase; others pay a flat amount.
It would be great to get a portion of what someone else spends, just because they linked from your website to where they made the purchase, wouldn’t it!
But it gets even better. Some home business affiliate programs not only sell products, but they are also sites that you have joined. And your marketing effort is to get the visitor to your site to click on the affiliate ad on your website and go to that affiliate site and also join. When they join, you get a portion of the signup fee; with some programs you get the entire signup fee.
But wait, that’s not all! There’s more. Now that your visitor is also a member of the affiliate, he/she will be putting that same affiliate ad on their website and they will be doing affiliate marketing, just as you are. What’s great about that is that for every visitor to their site that they get to join, you will also get a portion of that signup fee. And that pattern continues as your visitor, and their visitors, and all their visitor’s visitors sign up. Each time any of these people join and then get others to join, you are getting a residual from the affiliate. Just think, if you got just 3 visitors to your site to sign up, and each of them got 3 visitors to sign up, you’ve already got 9 people marketing for you. You’re getting a piece of the action every time anyone signs up under any of them. If those 9 people who are marketing for you each got 3 people to join, suddenly you have 27 people marketing for you. And if each of these 27 gets only 3 people to join, there you are with 81 people marketing for you. And all you have to do is cash the checks that will be arriving when the affiliate programs pay you.
If you are reviewing home business affiliate programs, try to select programs that will be of interest to visitors to your site. For example, if your website business is focused on selling cat food and other cat care products, then you should try to affiliate with other sites that are also of interest to cat owners, such as veterinary service providers, bookstores selling books on cat care, cat boarding service providers, animal grooming boutiques, magazines for pet owners, etc.
Make internet business your business. A home business affiliate program can help you jump start your internet business. Make the decision today to make affiliate business your business.


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