Affiliate Marketing How to Successfully Sell a Digital Product

Selling digital products successfully is the dream of many online entrepreneurs involved in affiliate marketing. In this article, I’m going to share with you what I’ve learnt over the years from my own errors, trials and successes to pull in the sales.
When I started out, I realised that the three things that all successful product launches have in common are:
– An offer that can’t be refused
– A sales process that guides visitors to buy
– Plenty of affiliates to promote the product
High quality information is what popular sites are based on that and that is also true for digital products that sell well. People will pay to find out answers that they need to know. For example if a person is overweight and losing a few pounds would make a massive difference to their lifestyle – forking out just $29 to be able to gain those changes is not much for a consumer to pay.
This is why you can find a lot of excellent material online for free. If what you are providing for free is of great value, imagine what consumer’s perception is of material that they have to pay for. I always provide plenty of free material that works to build up my contacts trust in me.
So how do you go about putting together a product that is going to sell well? Ultimately it needs to solve a problem. The amount of information that you give is not what matters so much. It’s all about providing a unique solution that works.
The two most lucrative channels for providing information is in eBooks and membership sites. The first one is usually provided in a PDF file and the latter provides video and text. Whichever channel you opt for, it’s key to use a headline title for it that conveys the benefit that the consumer will gain.
Once you’ve identified what you would like to offer, then it’s time to create it and make it available to paying customers. This is the most fun part in my opinion and what I love about affiliate marketing. You don’t have to go through the ClickBank route, there are other ways to integrate a payment method in your site and it means that you won’t be sharing a slice of your profits with another party.
Keep in mind that the sales page is very important. You could send thousands of visitors to a sales page offering an affiliate marketing product, but if it’s not built to convince, persuade and direct them, then you would have wasted your time.
The sales page is where you will be building your list. It’s the place to get your visitors excited by giving them a FREE gift. A taster of what they will receive if they buy your main product.
Get them to give your their email address in exchange for access to your free product. When it comes to paying there are plenty of solutions such as PayPal Payment Pro or ClickBank – amongst others.
Once you are set up, it’s time to invite affiliates to sell your product for you. There are many people who have been building up their own subscription lists just as you have and by setting the commission rate so that gives attractive earnings then you can get 1000s of people selling your product for you. And that is the beauty of affiliate marketing.
By keeping in mind what I’ve learned and applying it to your business, you should be able to enjoy the same successes that I have in affiliate marketing.

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