Affiliate Marketing How to Choose Your Affiliate Product

There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to start earning money online. All the affiliate marketing tools are provided for you and in some cases even a website is thrown in. Affiliate programs are free to join so in comparison with a bricks and mortar business, an affiliate marketing business takes very little money to start-up.
Once you have decided on your niche, which I hope you’ve thoroughly researched, you need to start looking for a suitable affiliate product to promote.
A good place to start is ClickBank where there are thousands of digital products in a variety of niches to choose from and it’s free to join.
Whether you use ClickBank or any other affiliate site you will need to register and set up an affiliate account. They then deal with commissions, refunds and any dealings with customers so you never have to deal directly with customers at all!
Once you have chosen your affiliate product I strongly recommend that you purchase a copy, (some affiliate merchants give a copy to their affiliates). Either way, it’s important that you are knowledgeable about the product as potential customers will be persuaded by your opinions and those opinions need to be honest in order for you to be credible. If the product doesn’t live up to your expectations simply send it back you haven’t lost anything except some time and effort which is better than losing credibility with your customers.
If you are fairly new to affiliate marketing, just promote one product on your site to begin with. You should then monitor the sales over a set period of time. If sales are lower than you expected then change to another product. If you try to promote too many products at the same time your site will look too “busy” with not enough substance. However, once your product is earning you commissions then look for another relevant product to compliment your niche. Two or three quality products within your niche should prove to be quite profitable.
Potential customers who visit your site are usually there because they are interested in your niche. Don’t promote affiliate products which have nothing to do with the content of your site. It doesn’t look very professional and could make it seem as though you aren’t really the “go to” person they thought you were.
What’s your reaction when you land on a site only to find it full of all singing all dancing banner ads for various affiliate products which flash and twinkle and spin round and round!? If you’re like me then you leave as fast as possible! The information on the site might be just what I’m looking for but I don’t want to hang around clicking through a minefield of ads before I get to what I want. In my experience a gentle approach works best; a site with a few quality affiliate products, subtle banner ads and relevant quality content from someone obviously knowledgeable in his/her niche.
If affiliate marketing is something you’re interested in make a start and go and have a look at some of the affiliate programs available online with people like ClickBank, Amazon etc. and see if you can find a suitable product for your niche.

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