Affiliate Marketing – Which Should You Choose

Let’s assume you have been considering getting into the Affiliate Marketing game and have finally made the major decision to take the plunge. You have even gone so far as to sign on with Clickbank, Commission Junction or some other avenue. Now! It’s time to act.
Which program and criteria should you use in choosing a product you feel comfortable in promoting. The following will provide some guidelines in making a good decision.
1. Don’t spend any money. Stay away from the fee oriented affiliate programs. There are too many out there that will be more than happy to have you promote their product without incurring any additional cost.
2, Check when commissions are paid. I don’t know if this is a major concern but always be aware when you can expect payment.
3. Select a product that generates a lot of traffic, the more traffic the more opportunity you will have in generating a good income stream.
4, If available check out the ratios regarding how many times a potential customer visits the site before buying. Sometimes, it takes several visits. Also, make sure your affiliate cookies remain in place to allow for repeat visits.
5. Choose a program that provides a good commission. There are some that pay out as much as 75% but you should set a comfortable range as your guide. I think 50% should be the minimum. Doing less than this could prove a waste of time and expensive if you are using any promotions involving cost.
6. If possible, choose a program such as a subscription program which will provide recurring income over a long period of time. These are excellent choices and can become very lucrative.
7. Select a program that has a good support program such as providing sales pages, banners and other marketing materials. It really helps.
8. Develop a marketing plan that will provide the highest level of exposure of your product to the selected customer base. This could include PPC (pay per click), Article marketing, Classified Ads Etc. Consider all avenues. Your success depends on it.
9. Purchase the product yourself and become familiar with it so you can speak from experience. In addition, you can get it at a discount since you will receive a commission on the sale.
I hope the above helps if you’re just getting started. Remember there are no guarantees in affiliate marketing and there are a lot of people not making any money because they didn’t plan correctly.
Also, I’m sure you have responded or signed on to many programs offering ideas and optional paths to affiliate marketing success. A major pitfall will be chasing all the offers being put in front of you. Don’t get caught up in them and spend your valuable time chasing them and not putting in the effort on your major project.
Do your homework, experiment, get it right and most importantly of all: Concentrate on one thing at a time and that will be the product you chose. Experience some success before you venture onto another. To your success.

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