Affiliate Marketing – What is Affiliate Marketing

There are various ways you can make money online but in recent years the affiliate marketing has emerged as the most popular way to do so. It is a simple process that benefits both the seller and the affiliate marketer. It is somewhat similar to the relationship between the wholesaler and retailer. However, in case of affiliate sales, you do not have to buy products in wholesale before making any sale. There is no need to keep an inventory, so there are less business risks to you. While the risks are limited, you make money only according to your sales.
The big advantage with this online business is that you can place most of the process on the auto-pilot mode which means the main hard work is in the initial stage only. If you are really interested in knowing what affiliate marketing is, then you need to follow some step-by-step guide. There are thousands of online guidance material, software programs, websites, and companies that are ready to help you get started. At the core of this business is the simple goal of selling a product or service. Generally, a person or company wants to sell its product or service to customers. If it tries to sell its products without any reseller’s help then its sales would be in limited quantities. For this reason, it takes helps of promoters, who in this case are the affiliate marketers.
The seller offers cash incentive to the affiliate marketer for providing the sales leads. The job of the latter is very simple: promote the product of the seller and guide a potential buyer to the seller. If that potential buyer makes a purchase, the seller pays the affiliate an already agreed percentage of the sale amount. In the affiliate marketing, it is completely up to you how you find a potential buyer. Usually, affiliate marketers set up a webpage, called sale or sqeeze page, which is designed in such a way that after visiting it, a potential buyer is convinced into buying the product.
You need to promote the product through various methods so that more and more potential customers visit the landing page and buy that product. Your first job is to attract potential customers, and your next job is to convert those visitors into customers. Once a potential buyer lands on the selling page, the whole buying process should be smooth and easy. There should not be any navigation, content, feature verification or payment method issues. If you can ensure a pleasant buying process for the visitor then you are assured of many future sales. A satisfied customer is always the best promoter of the product.
These are the basic and well-established techniques to promote a product. At the same time, every day new techniques, methods, products and services keep coming up that help affiliate marketers increase the sales. As a promoter of the product, the more sales you bring to the seller the more commission you earn. There are millions of people from around the world who are using affiliate marketing to achieve great financial success. While for most affiliate marketers it is a part-time job and a nice way to earn residual income, there are some marketers who earn thousands of dollars per month and it is their main source of income.

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