Affiliate Marketing – The Top 3 Do's and Don'ts

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money online and there exist a great number of affiliate programs.
Before you get started, do pay attention to the following do’s and don’ts of Affiliate Marketing, which I have put together here to guide you. Do the do’s which will help you tremendously on your path to success, and avoid the don’ts that can trip you up.
Top 3 Do’s
1. Do choose an affiliate program which interests you
Imagine having to spend a lot of time looking into and talking about a product that you have no interest in at all. There is a good chance you’ll give up after a while, not having made a success at it.
You must at least feel a little passionate about the product to feel motivated enough to want to spend a substantial amount of your time promoting it.
2. Do only promote a high-quality affiliate program that you personally find beneficial and would consider purchasing yourself
Believing in the value of the product will make you better at promoting it because you will be speaking from a place of conviction and integrity and will therefore be more believable. Besides, you’ll have a greater understanding of what draws customers to the product and how it can help them.
People will likely see through you if you promote a product you don’t believe in just because you want to make a sale and they will not purchase from you.
So choose your products wisely, and choose products you could sincerely recommend.
3. Do research the profitability of your affiliate program
With thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of affiliate products out there, don’t just jump on the bandwagon to promote the latest cool thing or what the vendors tout as “the next best thing” since sliced bread.
You must do your homework and make sure that there is demand for the product and that people will pay money for its benefits.
Top 3 Don’ts
1. Don’t sign up for every affiliate program available
While it’s a good idea to promote 2 or 3 products you believe would be useful to your readers or subscribers, never over-do it with 10 or even more products. If you do this, people will feel that you are hard selling and notice that your website is overly promotional – and so will search engines.
Your main focus on your website or blog should be to deliver valuable content to your readers. Promote a few quality products subtly and choose the ones that will benefit your readers and give a high conversion rate.
2. Don’t promote products which aren’t relevant to your website
Make sure your products are related to the niche you’re in and the topics in your website. Otherwise, you’ll confuse your readers with mixed messages and may well negatively impact your credibility.
Stick to relevant content and stay on topic.
3. Don’t spam
In fact, NEVER spam. The retailer of the digital product will take complaints of spamming very seriously and it can result in a loss of your account and even earnings if you are found to be guilty. Many websites, blogs, social networking sites, forums, and Internet Service Providers also take reports of spamming seriously, and you will find yourself quickly banned from popular places to promote your product.

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