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Are you still trying to find your legs while searching for a successful internet marketing technique? There is one important factor that many people need to strictly follow. Not only should you do your research and then write up a business plan to develop your strategy, you also need to figure out how to pace yourself if you want to achieve any kind of internet marketing success. Here is an brief analysis of three, basic working styles.

1. The Slowly, ‘git er done’ Approach

It seems that the slow and somewhat steady style is how most people approach internet marketing. You may have heard the ancient Chinese saying, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”, and that’s very positive advice. But we are not talking about social change, we’re addressing internet marketing.

If you only take those first few steps and then stop to rest, take a few more steps, stop and rest, the internet will will quickly pass you by and your thousand mile journey goal, will quickly become a two thousand mile journey. Ending up with you becoming less motivated.

Since you are not creating any momentum with your project, everything seems to drag on and endless distractions keep sucking up your time and energy. Inevitably, you will become discouraged at your lack of progress. So what ends up happening is that you kinda, sorta pull back to think about it some more, when another shinny object appears, and you say , “hey that looks more interesting anyway”.

And the pattern repeats itself.

If you are building a boat, the slowly ‘git er done’ approach can work to your advantage. But this is not the best way to achieve internet marketing success.

2. The All Consuming Action Approach

This is where you take massive action and literally lock yourself up for however long it takes, a week, a month or more, and focus exclusively on getting your project done. Most people are unable to do this, since you need the financial resources and be able to make a full time commitment. And I should add, have certain personality traits. Unless you have those traits you will get burned out really quick and drive yourself and others crazy.

Not to rain on your mass action parade, but this approach does not guarantee that your project will achieve internet marketing success. It’s true, that if you do put together a good product and your timing is right, you can make massive profits. Its also true that you can take every dollar you have, play the lottery and you may win.

But if you can juggle all the variables, friends, family, money, time, and have put together a solid business plan, massive energy, momentum, and results, can be exhilarating.

3. And Then There Is The Micro – Burst

This is when you make a commitment to block out periods of time when you only work on your project. This may be three hours several nights a week, a full day on your day off, or… But the key is that you don’t allow any distractions. This internet marketing technique allows you the best of both worlds. You end up working intensely for a short period of time and yet still allows you to have a life. Break your project down, so you can see what needs to be accomplished.

Are their areas that you will need outside help on? Do you need to outsource? My personal preference is to start on those areas right away so I do not end up getting bogged down and becoming unnecessarily frustrated later on.

With the micro burst, what you end up doing is creating momentum and actually seeing progress being made. This gives you even more motivation and energy to keep moving forward. After you have followed through and completed your project you can then fall into the slow but steady approach while you are building up to your next micro-burst of activity.

No one, except a guru who is trying to sell you on their latest get rich quick scheme, will honestly tell you that internet marketing is easy. To really learn successful internet marketing techniques, means that you will have times of failure and frustration.

Some people will have a sharper learning curve that others. Sometimes its a good thing to take a break and look at the bigger picture.

And the reality is that there is more to life than internet marketing. Just keep in mind that everything you experience, you can profit from. Life is not just about a cup half full or half empty, it is about living.

And whatever you do, go live it.

Be Fearless
Billy Ojai

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