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We all know that social media traffic ishot, viral and highly sought after. OneFacebook post or one tweet with your product link in it can change your online future. (That is if you can get one of the big celebrities, gurus or authority figures to do it.) It doesn’t matter if you are selling yourown products, promoting affiliate products or helping offline businesses to get social traffic exposure.
The viral power of social media can change fortunes overnight. If you can link the implied credibility when it is promoted by someone who is seen as an expert or guru to your own product and services then you have a winning formula for leveraging social traffic.
The key to successful sales and marketing is to have a consistent and repeatable system that delivers leads and customers. Marketing guru, Dan Kennedy, has this to say about marketing and sales: “Neither attitude or aptitude matter without a steady stream flowing to you of people (prospects/customers, clients, patients etc.) willing and able to give you money for something you sell. Further, that getting rich gets a lot easier when “demand” exceeds “supply” – when there are more people standing in line to see you than you can accommodate, more people ready to buy than you need to exceed your goals. This, I reasoned, does not happen by accident. But if you look around at all business owners and sales
Social Traffic System
professionals you know – probably yourself included – you will see people trying to achieve success by repeating accidents. By random acts of marketing, getting erratic results, demand one day, no demand the next. Being able to somehow find or attract several ideal clients this week, but having your time wasted the next with people totally unqualified to buy.” Kennedy continues that to escape this you MUST HAVE :
Reliable Predictable, Consistent SYSTEMS That Affordably and Efficiently Provide Abundant Quantities of Quality Prospects, Customers, Clients.
“The key word is SYSTEM. A System is organized, reliable and consistent and therefore capable of delivering consistent predictable results.” The objective of this report is to help you start building such as system. These systems aren’t perfect overnight and require testing and fine tuning, but even if you just take the “formula” or definition above to heart, you will have gained a lot. The secret of the Social Traffic System lies in the setup of the various social media channels with some automation that will aggregate content from authority figures without compromising the quality or value and to inject your targeted content and landing pages with the aggregated social media content.


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