A Niche Marketing Strategy

You have to plan to be successful at anything in life, and that includes niche marketing. Your plan will seriously influence how much money you make each month. Without a plan you’ll likely make nothing!
A plan helps you stay focused and dramatically improves your time management. If you don’t have a plan of action, everyday distractions will keep throwing your off course and waste your time! Especially with internet marketing, your inbox will throw you distractions every day. How much time do you waste every day reading emails about the latest marketing products, not to mention the cash you waste buying them! Or how many minutes to you waste readng advice on forums, usually written by people who aren’t actually makin much money themselves?
Unsubscribe today from all your mailing lists and clear your inbox. Stop reading forum posts and start concentrating on taking action. Taking action will earn you money, reading will not!
As for your niche marketing strategy, always keep it simple and then concentrate on sticking to it and repeating it again and again. Simple always produces better results than anything slightly complex.
All you have to concentrate on is finding keywords that get traffic but aren’t overly competitive, then create content around them and build lots and lots of keyword rich links. Repeat this process and you will soon have a bunch of sites all ranking well in the search engines.
Article marketing is a great way of building links to get your sites indexed. Using blog networks is another method, and one that can produce really awesome results. Concentrate on these two tactics alone and you will see exciting movements in your rankings and traffic without having to use other methods.
Now let’s not pretend this is an easy way to make money, because it takes a lot of hard work initially to get going. If you are not a natural with words, writing your own content for your sites and your linking articles is not going to come easy, its going to be a chore!
But stick at it for a few months, and as your sites start to rank in the search engines and attract visitors, you’ll start to earn money. Once you start making money the whole process becomes a lot sexier as you can then start paying others to write your content for you!
If you want to succeed now at niche marketing, write yourself a six month plan right now, and stick to it. By the end of that period you should be earning a decent income that you can reinvest in automation and outsourcing, to really accelerate your online virtual real estate and you earnings growth, whilst doing less of the work yourself!


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