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Continuity programs (or membership sites) are not only extremely profitable, as they generate recurring income from a single source, but they also put you in a valuable position of being able to directly communicate with your target audience.
The greatest thing about continuity websites is that you can literally create an entire site around simple information products.
Membership sites can be set up a number of different ways as well, including all sorts of different information formats, such as:

  • Special Reports
  • Ebooks
  • Training Programs / Coaching
  • Interviews with Experts
  • Video Tutorials & Guides
  • Webinars & Private Consulting
  • Workbooks and Lesson Plans

Regardless if you’re pursuing a business or niche based market, you can easily create a membership based website around hot, evergreen markets where people are satisfied paying for recurring access to your information.
The idea is to identify a market where there is a great demand for various information products, rather than a single product because with a single-product market, you’re able to address their problems or answer their questions quickly.

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