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Back in 1998, I developed my first website and needless to say, it was an absolute failure.  I had no focus and very little experience in online development.
I didn’t have the funds to market my creation and it didn’t take long before I tore it down and decided to take an alternative route.
I turned to my passion for writing and became a freelance writer.
When I made that decision, everything instantly changed.  From the moment I secured my first client, I was hooked.
No longer did I have to commute to work every day, heck, I could make more money freelancing than I ever could at my 9-5 and for once, I felt in total control of my financial destiny.
But here’s the one thing that I believe, above all else, that put me on the map and helped me to build a successful business despite the growing number of competing writers on the marketplace.
I didn’t sell content, I sold a brand.
Let’s take a closer look at how you can build yours, and finally enter the world of successful freelancers!

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