Efficient Strategy To Have Good Links

Google is the most powerful search engine; more than 80% of users are finding high quality and relevant information with Google. This is the reason why maintaining high quality information is an essential condition for search engines. High quality sites must have the place they deserve.
There are some techniques allowing a site to have a high ranking; using inbound links is a very efficient way to do it. The more inbound links a site has, the higher its rank. But the inbound links number is a real factor to determine the sites quality. A low quality site can build an inbound links system to gain a high place in Googles lists. How do you make the difference between the normal and irregular inbound links?
The link farms must be avoided at any cost. Google has methods to detect them and punish the unnatural links owner. It is really difficult to be rehabilitated after a similar mistake. It is wrong to have links to sites that are not logically connected to the main one. Links from irrelevant sites to the main site can be followed by a warning sign from Google.
A penalty can arrive if Google detects the main site included in a group of interconnected sites. Another problem is to have reciprocal links; it is very probable that Google algorithms will disagree with this technique.
Google has a new paradigm when looking at linking relations. It seems that the quality of incoming and outgoing links is now very important. A smart campaign to have good links is vital for the web sites ranking. Search engines are making a distinction between links. There are important links, more valuable than the others.
The best choice is to have links from highly ranked web sites. There is one more essential condition: the highly ranked websites must also have topics related to the referenced site.
A popular solution is to build a links page; it is a page containing links to the other sites linking to the referenced site. Some web designers are also providing the HTML code that makes the links construction easy. It is also useful to create a links creation campaign.
This can be done using the non-competitive, high ranked sites. If there is a links page, the referenced site can add its link there too.
After building a links page, you may want to consider joining linking directories. By doing this you have access to thousands upon thousands of websites that may relate to your own as well as having a high PR. To start linking your websites to attain a higher PR, go to:
o http://www.MyLinkMachine.com
Downloading Google toolbar is a solution to see the pages rank when browsers are used for different purposes. If a page has a topic similar to the referenced site and if it also has a high rank, it is helpful to make a links page using this information.
You may also want to consider submitting articles to article directories. By doing this, you will increase your chances of your website getting noticed by Google and, therefore, getting a higher Page Rank. A great resource to submit your articles is:
o http://www.MyContentBuilder.com
If you are submitting articles to several directories and you’re looking for a faster and easier way to do it, you may want to consider an automatic article submitter. To watch a video on how to do this, go to:
o http://1trac.com/dt/t/Article_Submitter_Video.php

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