Extreme Payout Affiliate Business

If you have been looking for or have tried some affiliate programs already, you are going to love this bit of news.
I searched far and wide on the web to find an affiliate program that actually over delivered when it came to product quality and compensation package. Needless to say I was met with more dissapointment than results. So I created my own and tailor made it to deliver on all counts. Here then is the run down:
I first designed a product that had mass appeal and yet had very little existing competition on the web. The product solves a common problem for a huge portion of the people that own digital cameras today.
The problem is that most people have a massive amount of digital photos stored in folders all over their hard drive and have no easy way to organize, display and share them with friends and family.
Most people don’t want the learning curve associated with digital photo album software or the hassle of displaying them online either. If the problem was to be solved, it would have to provide pre-designed albums that could be easily filled with a few mouse clicks. There would have to be a wide range of pre-designed albums based on every theme that photos were commonly taken of.
Such as themes like, birthdays, holidays, special ocassions, school, anniversaries, weddings, sports, fishing, hunting and so on.
The learning curve would have to be virtually eliminated and the completed albums would then have to be able to be shared freely with friends and family by email so the file sizes would have to be kept to a minimum.
On the other hand, a great product like the one described above was only half of the final solution. Promoting this new product would take a special system if it was to be able to reach such a wide market effectively. So I set out to create an affiliate program that is second to none on the entire web today.
An affiliate program that paid out so well that even an average salesperson could truly benefit by it. One that didn’t limit you to trudging the streets every month to keep your income up. One that a good salesperson could actually support a family on. One that was backed with marketing ideas allowing you to create a sub affiliate sales force and one that paid you for recurring payments after only making a one time sale.
I know that this sounds very good and you are likely wanting the actual details by now so here they are. I am proud to say that I have indeed succeeded in creating the product and the affiliate system as described above in the form of a membership site. Members can then choose albums from a wide inventory instead of paying for each album they use.
1) The only people invited to promote this system are active members of the site. There are actually no links to the affiliate system except inside the membership area. It is, however, free to join.
2) The program operates on two tiers as described below:
a) Tier 1 are sales that you directly make and you are awarded a full 30% RECURRING commission for thos sales. That means you make the sale once and then get paid every month there after as long as that person remains a member.
b) Tier 2 allows you to recruit sub affiliates and be awarded a full 10% RECURRING commission on teir sales as well for as long as those members remain active.
If you are having a hard time imagining how profitable this really is, then runn a few number scenarios for yourself and you will be soon clammering to find out where to sign up. To see just how much this program actually over delivers on paying it’s affiliates, do a little comparison online with other programs and again you will end up clammering to find out where to sign up.
So if you have been looking for something you can really sink your sales teeth into and be paid hansomely for, check it out today at http://albumextreme.com

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