Do You Make These Affiliate Mistakes?

Youve just come across a fantastic product and youre thinking of signing up as Affiliate but before you get carried away, here are a few pointers that can save you both time and money!
1.Is the sales letter any good, read the headline first its been shown that a good headline makes a big difference (its been proven that 75% of people make up their minds of purchasing a product just from reading the headline alone.)
Is the rest of the sales letter any good, do you find yourself reading being drawn through the sales letter? Would you buy the product yourself? If you would, others probably would as well.
2.Are there any leaks on the sales page? By leaks I mean are there any thing on the webpage to distract your visitor from making a purchase
or a way for you could lose out a commission.
For example
Phone numbers that the buyer could order from and deal directly with the seller, causing you to lose out on a commission,
E-mail addresses for the same reason as above.
Excessive pop ups or slow loading webpages that can frustrate your prospect. (People on the internet want everything in an instant so dont expect them to hang around!)
3.Are there any testimonials on the sales page, the more testimonials the better especially showing how the person has benefited from using the product.
4.What kind of guarantee is being offered with the product, is it 30,60 day risk free guarantee. Dont worry about a longer guarantee costing you money and people asking for their money back as its been shown that the longer the guarantee the less refunds youll get.
5.If you can, buy the product so you know yourself if its any good theres no point sending traffic to a website, making some commissions and then finding out the products poor quality and everyone wants their money back.
These tips should save you a lot of time and frustration when looking for a product to become an affiliate of.And remember not everyone surfing the web
is going around with their wallet open looking to purchase something so dont be disheartened if you get a lot of Nos before you get a Yes.

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